Health & Safety Policy


We, at Aman Steel, are committed to ensuring the health & safety of all our employees, contractors, visitors and other persons at Aman Steel workplace and to both manage and protect the  environment.

Aman Steel shall ensure that at every location in which we operate the procedures of the company are regularly assessed and planned to prevent pollution, injuries and ill-health. The company shall comply with applicable Health & Safety and Environmental (H.S.E) legislation and other requirements wherever the company operates.

We recognize management's responsibility to provide safe working environment for our employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors and we aim to prevent work related injury and ill-health. We also recognize our responsibility to the environment and the need for actions to reduce the impact that our operations may have upon it.

Objectives and targets are set within the organization to measure our progress and bring in continual improvement in our H.S.E. performance. Our aim is to have an injury free workplace with no incidents and no harm to the environment. 

Management has responsibility to ensure that HSE systems are in place, that persons receive information, instructions, training and supervision and that adequate resources are allocated to comply with local H.S.E. regulations and requirements of Aman Steel. Management also has the responsibility to make H.S.E. communication relevant, consistent, clear and multi-directional.

We have integrated our management systems to ensure the quality of solutions, products and services as well as the health & safety of our employees and the environment protection is managed in all aspects of our business on a sustainable basis.