Engineering Department

Preparation of Shop Drawings & Bar Bending Schedules - Advantages of Using our cut & bend Services

  • Experienced engineers doing the detailing, preparing & bar bending schedule (BBS) and placement drawings
  • Experienced production team who ensures quality of work
  • Our engineers will
  • Ultra Modern and state of the art automatic / semi-automatic machineries from world famous international rebar cut and bend machineries.
  • Cut and Bend is done to exact specifications as per the approved BBS, thus ensuring precision and consistency
  • The process is in conformity with the international standards
  • Use of professional software to do the optimization of rebar and thus ensure reduction and control of wastage.
  • Since cut and bend is done in our factory, less labor requirement at the site.
  • Reduction of rebar inventory on site
  • Less storage place required on site
  • Better utilization of on-site space, logistics and other infrastructure
  • Lead team is considerably shorter
  • Elimination of storage and related overheads
  • Elimination of double handling of steel
  • Elimination of site related damage and pilferage
  • We will be proving placement drawings
  • Use of professional software to do optimization of rebar and thus ensures reduction and control of wastage.
  • Since cut and bend is done in our factory, less labor requirement at site.
  • Reduction of rebar inventory at site
  • Less Storage Space required at site
  • Each processed material will carry a tag with specific bar mark, bar diameter, location with member name, which makes it easy while fixing the steel at the right places in reference to the placement drawings, without any confusions.
  • With proper coordination of site team with our team, place of delivery as per the site requirement can be increased and can thus achieve fast work progress on sites.
  • The above factors help to save cost and time, improved productivity & efficiency in the site and consistency in the quality.

Made with the high quality rebars and manufactured using cutting edge European technology Aman Steel Factory W.L.L. Cut & Bend brings a range of advantages:

The cost of processing decreases considerably due to lower inventories, reduced wastage and saving in labor cost.


Customer pays for the theoretical blueprint weight only and saves on waste, processing or freight.


Lead time is considerably shorter as the time required for delivery of material at construction site is lesser, thus the need of storing steel and blocking capital in inventory is reduced.


Material is ordered and supplied as per need and is made available to the construction site for assembling.


Handling of 12m bars is eliminated and neatness is improved, thus decreasing the risk of accidents
and thefts.


Pace of construction can be manipulated according to needs by simply programming delivery dates with Aman Steel rebar processing plants. This can also decrease construction time of Reinforced Concrete structures.