Environmental Policy

Aman Steel recognizes that its day-to-day operations and products have both positive and negative impacts on the Environment. The company is fully committed to minimizing the pollution and harmful effects of its actions and products wherever practicable.

The Company is demonstrating this commitment by the development and implementation of an
Environmental Management System and its continuous improvement.

This Environmental Management System (EMS) will form a platform from which the Company can monitor, measure and continually improve its Environmental performance and will.

  • Comply with all relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulatory controls.
  • Minimize waste, maximize use of resources and prevent pollution in all parts of the business.
  • Identify significant Environmental and Social impacts and establish objectives and targets
    for improvement.
  • Review, monitor and improve the Company's Environmental performance against set targets.
  • Audits the company’s activities against this policy to confirm Environmental improvement.
  • Communicate this policy and the Company Environmental performance to customers, suppliers and all the public.
  • Ensure all employees are made accountable for these policy goals through training and communication of environmental issues throughout the Company.
  • This policy will be reviewed for its continued suitability and effectiveness